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Art Direction - Photography - Digital content


Welcome to the world of iné, a sneakers brand, where fashion meets responsibility in a striking embrace. This launch campaign explores the power of duality, capturing the moment where urban aesthetics intersects with sustainability in a captivating manner. Through the prism of an infinite mirror, our vision is reflected in the duality of models navigating amidst the skies and architectural peaks. This artistic fusion goes beyond the surface, unveiling the essence of our commitment to responsible sneakers. We've crafted a visual universe where each step resonates with a modern fashion ethic, where style and consciousness converge to prove that one can have fashion that is both free and sustainable.

Agency: Palma Agency

Creative Direction: Jacquelin Guillaume-Duverne

Art direction: Pierre-Louis POMMERY

Copywriter: Jérémy Froideval

Strategic planner: Aurélie Acheriaux

Photography: Benjamin Etchegaray

3D Artist: Daniel Naymushin


An engaging moodboard blending the vibrancy of urban surroundings with the serenity of the sky through mirrors, creating a striking visual duality where urbanity meets the infinite celestial.


Launch campaign

An effortlessly pure photo shoot: the model, captured from a bird's-eye view, gracefully emerges on an infinite mirror. Shifting skies reflect, adorned by the delicate presence of a few towering buildings, creating an enchanting fusion of elegance and urbanity.


Basic Shoot

We needed a basic shoot for content and for the website. A shot centered on the product, on a white background to highlight the sneakers.

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