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 Branding - Logotype - Motion - Web design  - Photography 

ONE by Publicis

Publicis France is launching a new offer in the form of an agency, it's One by Publicis.

I was in charge of the artistic direction of this project.

Agency: Publicis France

Art direction: Pierre-Louis POMMERY

Motion Design: Pierre-Louis POMMERY

Web Design: Pierre-Louis POMMERY & Kassandra Tanne

UX/UI: Kassandra Tanne & Alice Morel d'Arleux


I build the logo with the Juana font, the point at the end is really important, it's a central element of the brand design. I use the Poppins font for the body.

Main typography - Juana font

Body copy - Poppins font

juana white.png
popins white 2.png

The colors

I have made a selection of 4 colors

Paper layout

One needs several elements to launch the agency, such as personal cards, a small book, flyers... 

Web design

We have build a 4 pages website with a Homepage, a Work page, an About page and a Contact page.

You can find the site here.


I took pictures for Team One, individual shoot and a team shoot.

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